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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kiwi on Blue and Black

The Kiwi is quite iconic, so this flag includes a kiwi shape that many New Zealanders have become familiar with.

The colour combination is unique enough to be recognisable on a flagstaff even with no wind, and the shapes are defined enough to be recognisable when shrunk to thumbnail size.


Anonymous said...

tea towel!

Anonymous said...

could be a symbol for a single government department...?

Eitan said...

I believe that a kiwi is a potent symbol of New Zealand. It look like it is on a mountain. A kiwi is a symbol of New Zealand.Also it would be like a blue ensign for New Zealnd's overseas territories.In the same way the colors red,white and green are associated with Italy the colors blue,white and black will be associated with New Zealand. The flag I call the "Union Kiwi" would make an brilliant coat of arms for New Zealnd. A Union Kiwi is a kiwi would be representitive the people of New Zealand, along with a mountain to represent New Zealands Land Scape. It will also identy New Zealand an a nation along with a good symbol to associate it with. The Union Jack is a potent symbol of The UK, nowt New Zealand. However a kiwi is a potent symbol of New Zealand Also it is the national animal of NZ. symbol of the United Kingdom. I suggest drawing an imaginary circle where the Kiwi is located. I don't see the reason for the crux. I recommend adding an eyeball on the Kiwi. The kiwi should I believe that the kiwi should also have feet to make it come to life. It looks like the water below and the sky above. The current New Zealand flag is not an obvious symbol of New Zealand People will recognize The flag with a kiwi on it very well as opposed to the current New Zealand flag. It also looks like with the current New Zealnd Flag that New Zealand is a sub-part of the UK. Thus, New Zealand is a sovereignty not a colony.By adding an eyeball onto the Kiwi the kiwi will come to life.It is my favorite proposed flag of New Zealand. Also it is of novel design, Due to it being a novel design people will immediately recognize the "Union Kiwi". I think that the Union Kiwi is a good name for the flag of New Zealand especially because New Zealnders refer to themselves a d Kiwis. Also when school children in New Zealand see it they will associate is their Nation. People will know it the Union Kiwi is the flag of New Zealand when They see it.It is my favorite proposed Flag of New Zealand.When foreign students board in New Zealand they will recognize the Union Kiwi. It is the only proposed flag of New Zealand I like extremely.I support the so called :"Union Kiwi" to be the official flag of New Zealand. Thus The Kiwi Flag should be the official flag of New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Agree with an earlier comment. This is not a flag for a nation, it is a corporate design for a wool company. 1/10.