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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kyle Lockwood Design

This flag doesn't aesthetically appeal to me. The colours are too drab in my my opinion. Red and blue don't usually go well so close together. Perhaps a thicker fern to break apart the two colours might work.

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peteremcc said...

Would you be able to do the black version of this as well?


Anonymous said...

not so keen on the red but i like the fern

Anonymous said...

I could go with this as a new NZ flag, but with some slight modifications. It does tick the boxes, mostly. Good colors (consistency provides a link people want on the heritage front), maybe a little busy, simple for a child to drawn and remember. When it scales down, those stars disappear. That's an area for improvement Elements can be used on other civic flags in replacing the union flag on those flags. 7/10 from me.