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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cool Blue

This design uses the New Zealand colours of Black and White over a sea of blue which bears a semblance of the Union Jack. Two red Koru symbolising growth emerges into the white. The southern cross is included on the black background.

I think this design works very well in a small size. The distinctive colours are spread across the flag and so should be recognisable when furled.

Blue symbolising the Pacific Ocean. Red symbolising Maori and wartime sacrifice. White Symbolising peace and the long white cloud. Black being New Zealand's adopted national colour.


San Nakji said...

Looks nice, but think of the poor school kids who would have to draw it! I shudder at the thought...

Anonymous said...

This is also too complicated. Plus, many who argue for a new flag would like to see the end of the colonial nonsense.

If you want to hint at that heritage maybe use the red/white/blue in a new way.

Anonymous said...

the union jack looks nice but theres too much. K.I.S.S ( keep it simple,stupid) but better than alot of suggestions bby a country mile