New Zealand Herald - Flag Debate

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Blue with Fern

This is a version of 'Fresh Green with Fern' except the yellow-green background is replaced with a bluish background.

This colour combination is still fairly unique because not many flags use black except as an outline (possibly because of European superstitions). However the blue makes it less unique than its green counterpart. The blue used in this design is different to the darker blue of the current flag which I've traditionally associated with colonial northern Europe (Britain, France, Netherlands).

Like its green counterpart I don't think this flag shrinks very well and looks muddled in a small thumbnail size (and therefore not great from a distance either). Sort of looks like a jandal almost..

Jason Paul Troup Design

One of the few flag designs that includes yellow. The designer claims it is in fact gold, which represents New Zealand's cultural wealth. He also includes a blue sky, white cloud and koru, and green earth.

To me the flag is uninspiring. I can't see myself waving this at a sports stadium. I suppose I think it just isn't expressive enough for some reason.

Feel free to visit the designer's page.

Friday, November 2, 2007

tmexpert @ yahoo Design

This design is the only one I've seen so far that includes a tukutuku (zig-zag pattern). This tukutuku is reminiscent of the Union Jack. The colours and the southern cross link back to the current flag.

I personally think it's a bit boring, especially in a small size. Also I think it can get a bit muddled if the flag is only partially visible such as on a flagpole on a windless day.

Feel free to visit the designer's page.