New Zealand Herald - Flag Debate

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jason Paul Troup Design

One of the few flag designs that includes yellow. The designer claims it is in fact gold, which represents New Zealand's cultural wealth. He also includes a blue sky, white cloud and koru, and green earth.

To me the flag is uninspiring. I can't see myself waving this at a sports stadium. I suppose I think it just isn't expressive enough for some reason.

Feel free to visit the designer's page.


Anonymous said...

I dont like it looks to much like a brazilian flag and plus i think we should keep our heritage and still have the blue whit and red! And that is yellow not gold!

Anonymous said...

This is just plain ugly

Anonymous said...

It looks like a asuggestion for a new vanuatu flag not NZ.
If we had that at the 7's we'd be mistaken for a pacific island nation, im sorry but much to the disgust of a large percentage of the population we were colonised by the british. Green is not one of our national colours nor is YELLOW, sure Auckland may be the largest polynesian city in the world but the Country is not.

Anonymous said...

oh look its the soloman islands

Anonymous said...

Another flag trying to represent a nation with agenda images, and in this case I'm not sure it the white is supposed to be the clouds, mountains, a weave or foam. Either way it is simply an artist failing at designing a flag.