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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Current Flag

The British gave us an ensign with a Union Jack in the canton (as they gave to every other colony), which eventually we defaced with a southern cross (minus the fifth star because the four stars correspond to the four compass points). This is our fourth flag (What can I say, we have a proud tradition of changing our flag :-p ).

You can read more about the flag here.

When shrunk to thumbnail size it's difficult to identify the flag as belonging to New Zealand. When furled it might be possible to misidentify it as well.

It's not from our flag that we gather that these two are from New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

im sorry to appear racist but if we let this one go we will have the official maori flag as our national flag soon after.
and lets not forget that the cheifs of the maori tribes and the colonialists all agreed on this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dont think we have kept this one long enough yet.

Anonymous said...

i personally will always use this flag no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Its not difficult to tell it appart at all. its has red stars and no giant white bird dropping due south of the union jack. its only us and Aus that have this look.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this flag is that it is dominated by someone else's flag. We don't tend to fly it because we don't like it. It divides us rather than serve as an aspirational rallying point. As a flag it perfectly represented NZ as the British Colony it was in 1901. Today in 2013 we are a multi cultural, blended modern society in a world that long ago moved on from a British Empire. Today the flag says something about one section of the nation identifying themselves as being or having ties with GB&NI(15% of the pop. according to the last census). I no longer fly it; schools don't bother either. You'll only see it at ANZAC Day, Waitangi Day where it will ripped, burnt and trod on, or on government buildings. It's an epic failure. 0/10.