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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dick Frizzell Design I

I like this design. The abstract interpretation of the silver fern works quite well. It almost looks like you are lying on the ground looking up at the southern cross from beneath a silver fern. That's quite New Zealand.

Silver fern designs tend to get a bit fuzzy when shrunk to a small size, but this design manages to overcome that to a good extent. I'm not sure how identifiable it will be on a windless day though.

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Anonymous said...

Lose the stars or the fern and it is not too bad. distinctive colour

Anonymous said...

the green is has never been a national colour of ours other than to promote "clean, green NZ" and if thats what this represents then you need a green that doesnt look like its been rolled in the mud at least once.
also, too much, theres just too much in it.

Anonymous said...

Cluttered, with stylised images that come off as a corporate flag for a finance company. You can argue it says something about New Zealand, but even so provides no continuity via links with NZ's past. 4/10.