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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cameron Sanders Design II

Helen Clark suggested that if there is a need to change the flag something along these lines will be easy and provide continuity from our current one. I personally am not terribly keen on yet another red white and blue flag in this world.

Although this design looks good in a large size, I feel it suffers in a small thumbnail size. I'm not aware of any plain blue (at the hoist end) flags in the world so I don't expect there will be much confusion if the flag is furled on a windless day.

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Anonymous said...

without wind it looks like the current flag... fantastic.
but this is boring

Anonymous said...

belongs on Half a pair of jandles from a gift shop

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. If the stars were made a little bigger this flag ticks all the boxes. Simple, uncluttered, recognisable, retains strong links to NZ's past, no agenda images, all inclusive, simple for a child to draw and remember. it scales well (if the stars are centred and made a little bigger). Can be used to replace the union flag on our other civic flags, works perfectly for all that, and is consistent with other images we have across the nation including our Coat of Arms. Good blue tint choice. A little more white rim on the stars and it's a 10/10 from me. Why isn't this our new national flag?