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Thursday, October 11, 2007

NZ Jack I

I like complicated flags, so I made this extremely complicated design.

It pays homage to New Zealand's British and Maori heritage and the English letters 'NZ' make up most of the flag. Lines from the Maori and English national anthems are included which represent the traditional aspirations of most New Zealanders.

When shrunk to thumbnail size or when viewed from afar the flag looks like a white on black Union Jack which is unique. Upon closer inspection more interesting details are discovered which give the observer a feel for who New Zealanders are. When furled the black and white colours (which are present all over the flag) are unique and can be itentified.

I should point out that I don't see 'Maori' imagery as being exclusively a Maori thing. Aspects of Maori culture and language separate us from The other 'western' countries, and as a New Zealander I like to celebrate that difference. This design isn't meant to pander to Maori - it's meant to pander to New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

too bad this flag makes a swaztika with the letter N and Z.

Anonymous said...

A good flag design is simple, this one is not. Another example of someone trying to cram as many icons onto a piece of material as they can manage.

Anonymous said...

I like this flag, except I would prefer to have one I could draw with ease. Thus I prefer other flag designs.

Anonymous said...

This is far too complicated. Plus it breaks a fundamental rule of flag design that you should not have words or lettering on a flag.

A flag should be simple enough that a child could draw it from memory.

LOL @ the swastika comment as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree, if we want ourselfs to look like a nation of skinheads and artisically challenged "love our heritage" freaks. it looks good with no wind in it but in the back of an atlas that would be the ugliest thing there even nepal with its queer shaped flag is more appealing.

Anonymous said...

I like the flag, although it is very complicated, and the NZ is hard to see, I also want to say to a previous reviewer that the swastika is actually a ancient symbol of peace.

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome! Very striking!